Column: Is Biden in trouble with Democrats over war in Gaza? Maybe not

Progressive Democrats Divided Over Israel’s Actions in Gaza Conflict

When Israel responded to a Hamas attack in Gaza with a series of airstrikes, it sparked a deep division among Democrats over the ongoing conflict. Progressive activists organized protests demanding an immediate ceasefire and accused President Biden of complicity in genocide. However, most Democrats in Congress have rallied behind Biden’s policy, which supports Israel while also urging measures to minimize civilian casualties and work toward peace negotiations with Palestinians.

A recent NBC News poll found that a significant majority of young voters disapproved of Biden’s handling of the war, leading to concerns about his standing. However, these worries have begun to look exaggerated as the divide among Democrats has not deepened, and progressive protests have not gained widespread support.

While the conflict in Gaza may have an impact on the upcoming presidential Election, it will not be as straightforward as low turnout among Democratic voters unhappy with Biden’s support for Israel. Foreign policy issues traditionally do not have high visibility in presidential campaigns unless American lives are at stake. However, the way a president handles a foreign crisis often serves as a proxy for his competence and ability to handle the job.

Biden’s handling of the conflict in Gaza may be scrutinized as part of his overall foreign policy expertise, particularly in the aftermath of the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. This has the potential to impact his overall popularity, especially when contrasted with criticisms from potential Republican candidates.

While Israel’s war in Gaza will undoubtedly matter, the presidential race will ultimately hinge mostly on how voters feel about the economy and other domestic issues, rather than just diplomacy.

It’s worth noting that the conflict in Gaza is part of a long-standing and deeply complex historical background where tensions between Israel and the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank have persisted for decades. Both sides lay claim to the same land for different historical and religious reasons, and the ongoing conflict has caused immense human suffering and has been a significant concern for the international community.

Ultimately, the impact of the Gaza conflict on the presidential Election remains to be seen, but Biden’s successful management of the situation may help mitigate concerns about his foreign policy expertise. Regardless, the race will largely depend on domestic issues such as the economy, inflation, immigration, and crime.

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