Unaffiliated can still vote in Maryland primary

“Maryland’s Unaffiliated Voters Have a Say in the 2024 Presidential Primary Election

As the 2024 presidential primary Election approaches in Maryland, unaffiliated voters in the state are urged to consider their options. Early voting will take place from May 2, 2024 to May 9, 2024, with the primary Election day on May 14, 2024.

According to state voter registration data from November, 21% of all voters in Maryland are not affiliated with the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, or the Libertarian Party. This is significant because Maryland is considered a partially closed primary state, meaning that voters must be registered members of the party holding the primary. However, parties may choose to allow unaffiliated voters to participate in each Election.

Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in Maryland purposefully block unaffiliated voters from participating in primary elections funded by taxpayers. While the deadline for parties to permit unaffiliated voters to vote in the 2024 primary has passed, unaffiliated voters in Maryland can still vote in the primary by temporarily changing their party affiliation by Tuesday, April 23, 2024. This can be easily done using the state’s online voter registration system or by visiting a local Election office.

Unaffiliated voters are encouraged to choose a candidate from a party they favor and temporarily change their party registration to allow them to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary. They can then change their affiliation back to “unaffiliated” after the primary Election.

It’s important to note that one out of every five voters in Maryland is currently an unaffiliated voter, making their votes impactful in the upcoming primary Election.

It is worth mentioning that the issue of unaffiliated voters in Maryland has been a topic of discussion and debate for some time, as the state’s primary Election process has drawn criticism for not allowing unaffiliated voters to participate. This has sparked conversations about the fair and democratic inclusion of all voters in the primary Election process.

In conclusion, unaffiliated voters in Maryland have the opportunity to make their voices heard in the 2024 presidential primary Election by temporarily changing their party affiliation. With one out of every five voters in the state being unaffiliated, their participation in the primary Election can truly make a difference in shaping the outcome.

— George D. Brown, Cumberland

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