Marjorie Taylor Greene’s house targeted with swatting on Christmas for the second time

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took to social media to report that her Rome home was allegedly “swatted” for the eighth time on Christmas Day. This disturbing incident occurred while her family was celebrating the holiday season together. The Republican congresswoman represents the congressional district, including Rome, Calhoun, and Dalton, and expressed her gratitude for the local police who responded to the call.

The term “swatting” refers to the act of making a false report to emergency services in order to prompt a massive police response to a specific address. In this case, someone in Rome, New York made an emergency call at the same time the Rome Police Department received an emergency call that pinged to Greene’s home in Georgia’s 14th District. This is not the first time that Greene has been a victim of swatting, as a similar incident occurred last year at her home.

According to the Rome Police Department, they reached out to Greene’s security team to ensure her safety and confirm that there was no actual emergency at the address. This type of hoax is punishable by federal law under the “Interstate Swatting Hoax Act,” which was passed by Congress in 2015. Perpetrators of swatting could face severe penalties, including prison time ranging from five years up to life in prison, depending on the severity of the circumstances.

The history of swatting dates back to the early 2000s when it became a serious issue among online gamers and celebrities. The practice involves making a hoax emergency call in order to watch a large police response unfold via live streaming or social media. Despite efforts to address the problem, swatting continues to be a dangerous and disruptive form of harassment.

In conclusion, the repeated swatting incidents targeting Marjorie Taylor Greene’s home highlight the need for stricter enforcement of laws against this dangerous and potentially deadly form of harassment. The toll that swatting takes on its victims and law enforcement is significant, and efforts to combat this issue must be ongoing and robust. It is imperative that those who engage in swatting are held accountable for their actions to prevent further harm and ensure the safety of all individuals.

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