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MD Anderson Creates Pathways to Employment for Health Care Students

More than 5,000 students and trainees pass through MD Anderson each year, with many graduating from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions (SHP). However, the institution’s Diagnostic Imaging teams often found that their students had accepted roles elsewhere in the Texas Medical Center or around the state upon graduation. Recognizing the high demand for their graduates in the health care industry, MD Anderson took action to bridge the gap between student training and full-time employment within the organization.

“In partnership with SHP, MD Anderson’s Diagnostic Imaging team launched a pilot program for the 2022-2023 school year, enabling SHP students in the Diagnostic Imaging program to work part-time in the clinic as diagnostic imaging technologist assistants or radiologic technologists while still taking classes,” said Kimberly Hoggatt Krumwiede, Ph.D., the dean of SHP. This initiative, known as the Student Talent Advancing Retention Success (STARS) program, allows students to gain practical experience and transition into full-time technologist roles after graduation, without the need to search for employment.

In addition to the STARS program, MD Anderson has also implemented paid apprenticeships for students from institutions such as Houston Community College (HCC) in fields where the organization does not offer a degree or certificate program. These apprenticeships, offered in phlebotomy and patient care technician roles, provide students with on-the-job, hands-on training at MD Anderson while participating in a structured curriculum at their respective institutions.

The success of these pathway programs has led to the expansion of apprenticeships in other disciplines, including hospitality and food service. MD Anderson’s commitment to providing quality training opportunities for students has been recognized, with the institution receiving accolades such as the 2023 Gulf Coast Region Apprenticeship Employer of the Year.

By creating these pathways to employment, MD Anderson not only supports the growth and development of future health care professionals but also benefits from the seamless transition of students into full-time roles within the organization. With the implementation of innovative educational programs, MD Anderson continues to set a high standard for training and workforce development in the health care industry.

In summary, MD Anderson’s efforts in creating pathways to employment for health care students not only address the demand for highly trained professionals in the industry but also contribute to the organization’s overall success in providing exceptional patient care. Through these programs, MD Anderson is shaping the future of health care education and workforce development while remaining at the forefront of innovative training initiatives.

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