LeBron James says ‘moment was everything’ seeing son Bronny debut for USC

LeBron James had to cut his celebrations short with the Los Angeles Lakers to fly back to LA from Las Vegas to watch his son, Bronny James, make his collegiate debut for Southern California. Bronny made his first appearance on the court nearly five months after going into cardiac arrest during a workout. The Lakers had to return to the regular season with a game against Dallas, in which LeBron James scored 33 points, nine assists, and eight rebounds. In an emotional day for the family, LeBron expressed pride for his son’s courage and strength on and off the court.

LeBron James, who has had a successful NBA career since being the No. 1 overall pick in 2003, expressed that the moment was very special to see the first person from their family step onto a college floor. Bronny James’ debut has been highly anticipated and marks a significant event in the family’s history. The family was ecstatic and proud to be there to witness Bronny’s first college game and to see him stand tall despite the loss.

Historically, LeBron James has been a significant player in the NBA, and his son following in his footsteps is noteworthy. Both players have a significant fan following and are highly regarded in the world of basketball. The support Bronny James has received highlights the importance of family and unity within their basketball journey.

The presence of LeBron James at his son’s game has been widely covered in the media, showing how influential and significant the event was. Rocking a different part of his professional life, this personal occurrence provides insight into LeBron’s dedication to his family and the profound impact Sports can have beyond just the game. The family’s presence and support at this event have undoubtedly made an impact in the basketball community.

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