Joyce Season to Include Commemoration of Max Roach

The Joyce Theater is set to honor the legendary drummer, composer, and activist Max Roach with a centennial celebration as part of its upcoming spring/summer season, the theater announced on Monday. The “Max Roach 100” tribute, curated by Richard Colton and produced by the Joyce, will run from April 2 to April 7 and will feature a multi-genre program paying homage to Roach’s legacy.

This celebration will include a performance by Roach’s band, a recording of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a variety of works by different dance companies and artists, showcasing the impact of Roach’s music across genres.

The Joyce’s 22-week season, programmed under Danni Gee, will showcase 19 different dance companies from around the world. The season opens with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago from March 12 to 24 and will continue to feature international offerings such as Sydney Dance Company and Introdans.

The upcoming season at the Joyce promises to be an exciting and diverse celebration of dance, showcasing a wide range of styles and influences.

Max Roach was a pioneering figure in jazz music, known for his innovative drumming style and his commitment to civil rights activism. He made significant contributions to Afro-Cuban jazz and was a prominent figure in the bebop movement. Throughout his career, he collaborated with numerous legendary musicians and left an indelible mark on the world of music.

The Joyce Theater’s upcoming season will provide a fitting tribute to Roach’s contributions to the world of music and art, reflecting his impact on multiple genres and celebrating his enduring legacy.

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