Ex-Rapids star Jack Price refutes Pádraig Smith’s exit explanation

English Footballer Jack Price prepares for new chapter after ending his time with Colorado Rapids

Jack Price, former captain of the Colorado Rapids, is gearing up for a new chapter in his career. After six seasons with the Rapids, Price is now a free agent and is looking for opportunities back in England. Despite facing numerous injuries in recent years, Price is fixated on the hunt for greatness and has set his sights on competing for trophies in the upper echelons of professional soccer.

In a recent interview with The Denver Post and other local outlets, Price discussed the contentious end to his time with the Rapids and his ambitions for the future. He expressed his eagerness to return to the field and lead his teammates once again, emphasizing the thrill of walking out in front of the fans and lining up against the opposition.

The departure from the Rapids was marked by contract negotiations, with differing narratives regarding the reasons behind Price’s exit. While the club cited family considerations as a factor, Price explained that he turned down contract offers he found to be disrespectful, ultimately leading to his decision to leave the team. Despite being offered a new contract, Price felt that the terms did not reflect his contributions during his six years with the club.

Throughout his time with the Rapids, Price found inspiration and guidance from veteran players such as Drew Moor, Steven Beitashour, and Tim Howard. Their mentorship and commitment to the game greatly influenced Price’s leadership and motivated him to continue pursuing his passion for soccer.

Looking ahead, Price is focused on signing a short-term deal with a team in or around his hometown in England. He aims to continue playing in the Championship or the upper echelon of League One, with the goal of reaching the ultimate highs that eluded him during his time in Colorado. He is determined to achieve his aspirations of winning trophies and making a mark in English soccer.

As Price embarks on his new journey, he reflects on his time with the Rapids, acknowledging the impact of the past six years and expressing a desire to continue competing at the highest levels of the sport. Despite the challenges he has faced, Price remains determined to pursue his passion for soccer and looks forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

This article highlights Price’s dedication to the sport and his unwavering pursuit of excellence as he prepares for the next phase of his career. With a rich history in both MLS and English football, Price’s journey represents the resilience and determination of athletes striving for greatness.

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