“In Case You Missed It: Business Roundtable Advocates for an “Ever-Ready” Workforce as the Key to Unstoppable Productivity”

Business Roundtable Advocates for Legislation to Create an Ever-Ready Workforce”

In a recent blog post on Medium, Donald McIntosh, Vice President of Education & Workforce at Business Roundtable, outlined the organization’s support for bipartisan legislation aimed at helping workers develop new skills, expanding pathways to successful careers, and meeting the workforce needs of the economy. The post emphasizes the importance of sound public policy, continuous learning, and adaptability in fostering an ever-ready workforce.

According to McIntosh, Technology and innovation are constantly creating demand for new skills, and it is essential for America to have a workforce that is ready to adapt to future changes. He asserts that legislation to reform public workforce development programs will complement the efforts of many companies in building a world-class modern workforce.

Highlighting the efforts of Business Roundtable member companies, McIntosh also discusses the Corporate Initiatives program, which aims to build a modern workforce. The post underscores the critical role of sound public policy and industry needs in ensuring an ever-ready workforce.

Furthermore, Business Roundtable strongly supports bipartisan efforts such as the Bipartisan Workforce Pell Act and A Stronger Workforce for America Act to enhance innovation and opportunity in the workplace. The organization urges Congress to act on these pieces of legislation in order to create an ever-ready workforce for America.

Historically, the need for an adaptable and well-prepared workforce has been a pressing issue, especially in the face of rapid technological changes. The development of public workforce development programs and initiatives by private sector companies has played a crucial role in addressing these challenges.

In conclusion, the call for an ever-ready workforce is a necessity for businesses and the economy, and Business Roundtable is committed to playing its part in ensuring that America is equipped with one. The organization’s support for legislation aimed at enhancing innovation and opportunity in the workplace reflects its dedication to addressing the evolving needs of the workforce and the economy. Read the full blog post online HERE.

By: Donald McIntosh

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