Hunter Biden defies subpoena from Congress, drawing ire from GOP leaders

Hunter Biden Refuses to Testify in Private Before House Investigators, Insists on Public Hearing

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, made headlines on Wednesday when he refused to sit for a closed-door questioning by Republican lawmakers investigating his Business dealings. Instead, he stated that he would only testify in a public hearing. Biden had been ordered to appear for a deposition Wednesday morning as part of a subpoena issued by House investigators. However, he held a news conference outside the Capitol and read from a prepared statement, attacking Republicans for their actions and insisting that he would only testify in a public setting.

Biden’s decision comes amid a contentious political environment, as House lawmakers were set to vote on whether to formalize the impeachment inquiry into the president. The younger Biden took the opportunity to address public comments about his Business affairs, asserting that his father was not financially involved in his various Business dealings.

Republican lawmakers responded by promising to initiate contempt proceedings against Hunter Biden for flouting the subpoena. This adds to the complex legal issues facing Biden, including pending criminal investigations and indictments related to tax and firearms matters.

The decision by Hunter Biden to refuse a private deposition with the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability comes after his defense lawyers have repeatedly sought to move the questioning to a public forum. They argue that a private session would be selectively leaked by Republicans to maximize the damage on both Hunter Biden and his father.


The controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s Business dealings and legal issues has been a focal point of Republican scrutiny. The son of then-Vice President Joe Biden was appointed to the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma in 2014. His role with the company has been a source of controversy, with some Republicans accusing him of using his father’s position for personal gain.

Additionally, Hunter Biden has faced legal challenges, including a long-running criminal investigation with pending indictments related to tax and firearms matters. His defense lawyers have filed several motions to dismiss these cases, arguing that they are vindictive and selectively prosecuted.

Furthermore, the younger Biden was set to resolve a criminal investigation with a plea deal this summer, which collapsed amid questioning by a federal judge. The subsequent legal proceedings have added to the ongoing scrutiny of his Business affairs and legal troubles.

In conclusion, Hunter Biden’s decision to refuse a private deposition and insist on a public hearing adds another layer to the ongoing investigations and controversies surrounding his Business dealings and legal challenges. The political and legal ramifications of his actions are likely to continue to be a prominent topic of public interest and debate.

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