Former Half Hollow Hills students and tech entrepreneurs provide support to their alma mater through Counslr, a Mental Health App

Half Hollow Hills Central School District (HHH) in Long Island, New York, has partnered with the text-based mental Health support platform, Counslr, to provide its high school students with unlimited access to licensed and vetted mental health support professionals. This partnership, which launched as a pilot at the start of 2024, addresses the increasing need for accessible mental health resources for high school students.

Counslr was founded by two HHH alumni, Josh Liss and Tyler Fisher, who both graduated from High School East. The duo, who met at HHH’s West Hollow Middle School nearly two decades ago, created the app to address the growing demand for mental health support, especially among adolescents who face academic pressures, social media, and challenging world events.

According to Josh Liss, “We are proud to be helping HHH address the growing need for mental health resources and ultimately be part of the solution. Our data shows that most students (83%) who begin using Counslr had never previously engaged with school mental health resources.”

Tyler Fisher added, “Academic pressures, omnipresent social media, and concerning world events all contribute to heightened stress levels and mental health challenges among adolescents, while provider shortages continue to impact an already strained mental health support system. The need for a platform like Counslr has already been there for years, and that need has only risen since the start of the pandemic.”

The Half Hollow Hills Central School District is committed to providing equitable opportunities for its approximately 7,300 students to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts. The partnership with Counslr aligns with the district’s focus on mental Wellness and providing support for its student population.

Counslr’s goal is to provide individuals with easy and convenient access to mental health professionals through its text-based platform. By removing barriers related to stigma, cost, and convenience, the app aims to empower students to prioritize their mental well-being and seek preventative care.

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