Haley stands her ground as Trump intensifies criticism of sole remaining 2024 GOP challenger

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is becoming increasingly defiant in response to Donald Trump’s attempts to suppress her participation in the 2024 Republican primary race. She is taunting the former president and urging her supporters to wear his attacks as a badge of honor. Despite pressure from Republicans to drop out and support Trump, Haley is refusing to do so, and is using Trump’s attacks against her as a strategy to win over voters in her home state of South Carolina. Trump’s efforts to thwart Haley have escalated, and he is now accusing her donors of being permanently barred from his orbit if they continue to contribute to her campaign. Trump’s insults have not only infuriated Haley, but also some of his former supporters who are now more committed to her campaign. Despite the conflict, Haley’s determination to stay in the race and her success in raising $1 million after Trump’s attacks suggest that she will continue to be a formidable opponent to Trump in the primary race.

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