Gerstell Academy girls basketball continues perfect start to season, defeats Liberty, 59-41

Gerstell Academy girls’ basketball team is on a mission this offseason and coach Shane Stem has a plan to take them all the way to the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland B Conference playoffs. Stem’s plan involves recruiting new players, scheduling tough competition, and uniting the team under a common goal.

So far, the plan seems to be working as the Falcons have already secured wins over tough opponents. Their recent victory over Liberty, the reigning three-time 2A West Region I champion, proved that they are ready to take on the best in their conference.

One standout player in their recent victory was Taylor Moran, who scored a game-high 25 points. Moran showcased her offensive prowess in the game and expressed her willingness to contribute to the team’s success. The Falcons also demonstrated their defensive prowess, with standout performances from players like Eniyah Stinnette and Kiara Hardy.

With a versatile lineup and the confidence gained from early wins, Coach Stem is optimistic about the team’s chances in the upcoming conference championship.

Historically, the Gerstell Academy girls’ basketball team has faced challenges in progressing past the semifinal round of the playoffs. However, this season seems different, and with the addition of new talent and a winning mindset, they are poised to make a strong push for the conference championship.

With a goal to finally win a conference championship, the Falcons have set themselves up for success with early-season victories against tough competition. The team’s dedication and hard work are evident, and they are ready to make a statement in the upcoming playoffs.

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