Sam Altman on his ouster, the dangers of AI and Taylor Swift

Sam Altman, the former chief executive of OpenAI, recently opened up in a video podcast with comedian Trevor Noah about the abrupt firing that left him reevaluating his values and empathizing with those who have experienced job loss. Altman, who is also the face of the current AI boom, was at the Las Vegas Grand Prix when he received the news and described the experience as chaotic and dreamlike.

While Altman still harbors some hard feelings about the ordeal, he remains enthusiastic about artificial intelligence and its potential to combat injustice. He also acknowledged the risks associated with AI and the need to prevent existential threats.

Despite the challenging experience, Altman had kind words for Taylor Swift, who was named Time magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year.

This story sheds light on the personal and professional journey of Sam Altman and the complex nature of AI development, as well as the impact it can have on individuals and society as a whole.

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