Explosive developments in E. Jean Carroll defamation case lead to fireworks

Closing arguments have finished in the case, and the judge will now give instructions to the jury. The closing argument by Carroll’s lawyer focused on Trump’s behavior in court, pointing to his lies and defamation. Trump was found liable for the sexual assault, but continues to deny it. The defense also focused on social media users’ behavior and posted on his Truth Social account during the closing arguments. The judge has had to interrupt and caution the defense lawyer several times during the closing arguments. Trump has walked out of the courtroom, and the defense has begun their closing argument. Carroll’s lawyer disputed the amount of damages to be awarded. The former president has made several social media posts countering his claims and essentially called the trial a scam. The trial is expected to go into deliberation this afternoon. Both sides have had a tense exchange and have presented their closing arguments today. The defense was late for the proceedings, and Trump has arrived in the courtroom.

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