At City Ballet, History Is Made With Two Black Dewdrops

The pressure was on as India Bradley made her debut as Dewdrop in “George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker.” After her first entrance, she felt the need to shift something. The spotlight was brighter than she expected, making it hard for her to see. She encouraged herself to “get it together,” open her eyes, shoulders, and not make any odd movements. She felt like Mr. Mitchell was screaming at her in her head, which turned out to be a good thing. She was the first Black Dewdrop and was feeling the weight of the role. With five entrances to go, she stepped on stage. She had to control her nerves but was triumphant. Alexandra Hutchinson, another Black dancer, also got a shot at Dewdrop. The good performances gave “The Nutcracker” a burst of energy and sparkling dancing. Both dancers reflected on their experience and discussed the mental challenge, the expectations placed on them, and how they felt after the performances. Both dancers were welcomed with open arms and support from those around them.

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