DeSantis asks federal judge to dismiss Disney’s free-speech suit

“DeSantis Attorneys Ask Judge To Dismiss Disney Free Speech Lawsuit”

Attorneys for Governor Ron DeSantis are seeking to have a free speech lawsuit filed by Disney dismissed in a federal court in Tallahassee, Florida. The lawsuit was filed after DeSantis took over the governing district of Walt Disney World, following the company’s opposition to a state law banning classroom lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity in early grades. This marks the first time oral arguments have been made in federal court over Disney’s claim that DeSantis used state powers to punish the Entertainment giant in violation of the First Amendment.

The outcome of the case could determine who controls the governing district of Disney World, which encompasses planning, mosquito control, and firefighting services in central Florida. The battle between Disney and DeSantis appointees is also being fought in a state court lawsuit in Orlando.

DeSantis argues that the federal lawsuit should be dismissed as Disney lacks standing to file it. He claims that neither he nor the secretary of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, who is also named in the lawsuit, have the power to enforce the laws that shifted control of the district’s board from Disney supporters to the governor’s appointees. Additionally, DeSantis appointed new board members earlier this year.

In response, Disney has accused DeSantis and his appointees of using political institutions to punish disfavored viewpoints, a premise they deem “profoundly un-American.”

The feud between DeSantis and Disney began after the Entertainment giant publicly opposed the state’s “don’t say gay” law, which was championed by DeSantis. In retaliation, new legislation was passed earlier this year that took control of the district Disney had overseen for over five decades, leading to a significant turnover of employees.

Historically, Disney World has been under its own governing body, with the company having significant influence over the district. This recent conflict has sparked a legal battle that has gained national attention.

Ultimately, the decision made by U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor will have a significant impact on the power dynamics in the district and could set a precedent for similar disputes in the future. The complex and contentious nature of the case reflects broader tensions between corporations and state governments over issues of free speech and political influence.

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