Overnight cold front transforms rain into snow

Denver is bracing for a winter storm that is expected to turn rain into snow overnight into Sunday morning, just in time for a white Christmas. The National Weather Service in Boulder predicts at least an inch of snow accumulation before Christmas morning, with an 80% chance of snowfall in the Denver metro area. However, the likelihood of seeing more than 4 inches of snow is only 3%.

The town of Evergreen, nestled in the foothills near Denver, has a 76% chance of receiving more than 4 inches of snow, making it the prime location for a snow-covered Christmas. Despite the potential for lower snowfall in other areas, residents are advised to be cautious as strong winds could lead to poor visibility and slick roadways.

The Colorado State Patrol issued a warning about icy roads across the state, with the possible development of strong winds, especially in the eastern plains and Palmer Divide areas south of Denver. The Colorado Department of Transportation is also preparing for winter weather over the holiday weekend.

In addition to the snow, cold temperatures are expected to linger, with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day seeing high temperatures of 31 and 34 degrees, respectively, and low temperatures in the mid-teens to high teens.

To prepare for the frigid nights ahead, Denver has activated its cold-weather shelters for Sunday and Monday. Additional overnight shelter capacity will be available for those in need, and various referral centers have been designated for individuals, families, and young adults seeking shelter.

Historically, Denver has experienced a range of winter weather events, from heavy snowfall to bitterly cold temperatures. In recent years, the city has implemented measures to provide support and shelter for vulnerable populations during extreme weather conditions.

As the city gears up for the winter storm, residents are advised to exercise caution while traveling and to stay updated on weather alerts. With the potential for a white Christmas, Denver is embracing the seasonal change and preparing for a picturesque holiday.

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