Democrats’ Trump-era unity facing growing threats from Gaza

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One of the surprising strengths of the Democratic Party today is its unity, which has been galvanized by the specter of former President Donald Trump. The once-fractured party has found common ground, particularly in the face of escalating tensions in Gaza that have put their solidarity to the test. The recent tragic deaths of seven humanitarian aid workers in an Israeli strike have exposed deep rifts within the party, challenging President Biden as he gears up for a potential 2024 rematch with Trump.

Progressive members of Congress are calling on Biden to halt weapons transfers to Israel, while key Democrats are hesitant to support the administration’s plan to sell fighter jets to Israel. Former Obama officials are openly criticizing Biden’s response to the crisis, and even top ally Sen. Chris Coons is suggesting conditions on aid to Israel if they proceed with a large-scale invasion.

While the Democratic base is increasingly critical of Israel’s actions in Gaza, the broader electorate and many Democratic lawmakers still maintain support for Israel. Biden’s delicate balancing act aims to uphold U.S. commitments to Israel while addressing growing concerns within his party.

As the 2024 race unfolds, Biden appears to have gained ground in recent polls, though the margins remain slim and the race is highly polarized. The ongoing protest votes against Trump in Republican primaries indicate lingering discontent within the GOP, even in closed primaries.

The dynamics of the 2024 election continue to evolve, with both parties navigating complex challenges and divisions. The path forward is uncertain, as political tensions rise and candidates strive to secure their positions in a deeply divided political landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on The Campaign Moment.

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