If Deion Sanders wants more “privacy,” ditch the film crews

The Grading the Week staff has been known to be tough on Deion Sanders, but recent events may have caused these criticisms. Although they acknowledge Coach Prime’s recruiting and selling abilities, their overall stance on his tenure at CU remains unchanged. Despite the team’s improvement from a 1-11 record to 4-8, doubts still remain about other aspects of Sanders’ leadership.

The recent controversy arose when Sanders decided to limit access to local media outlets in favor of utilizing his own video operations run by family and friends, as well as paid Business partners. While he has embraced the media attention from national outlets, he also expressed a desire for more privacy in an interview with People magazine. This conflicting behavior has raised questions about Sanders’ approach to media and external scrutiny.

On the college hoops front, Colorado continues to build its reputation as a basketball state. CU boasts a future NBA lottery pick in Cody Williams and is making strides towards a potential NCAA tournament appearance. Meanwhile, CSU remains undefeated and is poised to make a strong showing in the Mountain West conference.

This surge in college basketball success is not limited to CU and CSU, as other programs across the state are also experiencing early success. Air Force has already achieved three “true” road wins, matching a single-season record for away victories, while DU’s Tommy Bruner ranks as the nation’s points leader in basketball.

As the Centennial State gains prominence in college basketball, Sports enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting season of March Madness. With several teams showing promise, the local Sports scene is poised for a memorable basketball season.

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