‘Constitutional rights are not for sale’: Judge orders exclusive ski area to halt development, sales indefinitely

Wasatch Peaks Ranch is facing the potential loss of millions of dollars due to a judge’s ruling that granted a preliminary injunction halting construction and sales at the private luxury ski and golf resort. The resort, located in Morgan County, estimated that it could lose up to $455 million this year and $600 million next year, along with several million dollars in tax revenue for the county. However, the judge emphasized that constitutional rights are worth more than potential financial losses.

The ruling was made in response to a group of Morgan County residents who requested the injunction out of frustration. The residents had won the right to put to referendum the special zoning laws adopted for the resort in 2019, and they believed that the land should revert to its original zoning designation while the referendum was in play. Judge Hyde’s ruling, which favored granting the preliminary injunction, emphasized the importance of constitutional rights and their protection.

The resort, as well as the county, is expected to appeal the ruling to the Utah Supreme Court. The legal dispute has also raised concerns about the impact on local contractors, subcontractors, and employees who are now facing potential financial repercussions due to the halt in construction and sales.

Overall, the ruling has sparked a complex legal battle with significant financial and constitutional implications for both the resort and the county. The final outcome of the appeal and the broader impact of the ruling are yet to be determined.

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