“Tech Enthusiast: Must-Read Tech Books of 2023”

The tech world was thrown into chaos in 2023. The year saw the rise of artificial intelligence, bringing new startups, investments, and hype, but also witnessed the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the fraud conviction of crypto giant Sam Bankman-Fried. Twitter imploded and Elon Musk’s reputation took a nosedive. Google lost an antitrust lawsuit to Epic Games, leaving the future of the web uncertain.

As the dust begins to settle and the year comes to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on the chaos and look ahead. In the midst of this chaos, many books about tech were published, providing a deeper understanding of the current tech landscape. The author recommends 10 books that explore the impact of Technology, power, and AI, highlighting the wider societal implications of technological advancements.

Naomi Klein’s “Doppelg√§nger” delves into the fracturing of our shared reality into a “Mirror World” where conspiracy theories thrive. Malcolm Harris’ “Palo Alto” offers a comprehensive history of Silicon Valley, shedding light on the Politics and driving forces behind the tech giants. Kashmir Hill’s “Your Face Belongs to Us” investigates Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology, while Joy Buolamwini’s “Unmasking AI” explores racial bias and discrimination in AI systems.

On the topic of cryptocurrency, Zeke Faux’s “Number Go Up,” Rachel O’Dwyer’s “Tokens,” and Jacob Silverman and Ben McKenzie’s “Easy Money” provide insight into the world of bitcoin, delving into fraud, financial malfeasance, and the future of money. Lee McGuigan’s “Selling the American People” sheds light on the role of advertising in shaping the internet.

These books offer a nuanced understanding of the technological developments and their societal impact, making them essential reading for anyone trying to make sense of the tech chaos in 2023.

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