Column: Ketamine is saving someone I love

For the past eight months, someone I care for deeply has been struggling to find a reason to continue living. This person is battling serious depression, not due to any specific trauma, but simply feelings of nothingness and a desire to not exist. Despite various attempts at therapy, antidepressants, and lifestyle changes, the depression persists. This led us to explore alternative treatments, such as ketamine therapy, which my loved one recently began. Despite concerns raised by the recent death of actor Matthew Perry, experts and patients have attested to the potential effectiveness of ketamine in treating severe depression. Research has shown that ketamine can have fast-acting effects and has been proven more effective in some cases than other traditional treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy. However, the misuse and abuse of ketamine remain concerns, particularly regarding accessibility and affordability for those who may benefit from it most. The recent headlines surrounding ketamine have raised both hope and fear for many individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression.

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