Ranchers prepare as Colorado wolf reintroduction nears implementation

like we’re not setting people up for success if we’re not supporting responsible management of these species.”

As the Dec. 31 deadline looms, Baca is still trying to determine just how many wolves his agency will release this year and where they will land. “Getting answers is difficult when you don’t know the answers yourself,” he said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s plan to relocate the wolves has raised concerns among some ranchers. Ranchers and wildlife experts point to the lack of knowledge about how the wolves will behave once reintroduced to the area and how ranchers can effectively protect their livestock from potential attacks.

As the state shifts to manage the consequences of the wolf reintroduction, Baca will continue to engage with ranchers, providing information, support, and necessary supplies to minimize conflicts with the apex predators. The underlying tension and uncertainty surrounding the reintroduction remain, highlighting the deep-seated societal divides that often emerge in discussions around wolves and their place in the landscape.

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