Winter driving conditions continue with snow, wind

The National Weather Service has issued warnings about dangerous driving conditions in the Colorado mountains, as light snow and strong winds continue to create slick roads and low visibility. Loveland Pass on U.S. Highway 6 and U.S. Highway 34 between Sun Valley and Trail Ridge roads remained closed on Monday morning due to weather-related safety concerns. While some closures from Sunday have reopened, seasonal road closures will remain in effect until May.

The NWS forecasts that the remaining snow in the mountains will wind down throughout the day, but winds of up to 50 mph are expected to persist. Snow accumulation of one to two inches is likely in the mountains, with less expected in the valleys and foothills. The NWS also warned that some areas in the lower foothills could see winds of up to 80 mph on Monday, with gusts of 50 mph expected through the night.

In Denver, wind speeds will reach only 22 mph and snow is not expected for several days. After yesterday’s cold, snowy weather, the city is expected to see a mostly sunny day with a high of 58 degrees, followed by nighttime temperatures dipping back below freezing. However, temperatures are expected to jump back up to nearly 60 degrees on Tuesday.

The NWS predicts drier, warmer, and less windy weather throughout the state until Thursday, with the next snowstorm expected to hit the mountains late Thursday night into Friday and stay through Saturday night. Winter driving conditions are expected to return on Friday, with significant snow accumulation in the mountains and below seasonal temperatures throughout the weekend.

In terms of historical context, Colorado is known for its unpredictable mountain weather, with snowstorms and strong winds often creating hazardous conditions for drivers. Residents and travelers are urged to stay updated on weather forecasts and road closures during the winter months.

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