Century boys basketball wins Carroll County opener, 60-47, over South Carroll – Baltimore Sun

The Century Knights made a statement in their first county game of 2023, defeating the South Carroll Cavaliers 60-47. With senior Ben Chenoweth leading the way with 18 points and Peyton Conrad adding 20, the Knights showcased their strength and determination.

Century coach George Wunder commended his team’s performance, noting their resilience in weathering the storm and pulling away at the end. The Knights’ solid defense, spearheaded by Chenoweth and Tommy Dixon, limited the Cavaliers to contested shots and allowed them to take a double-digit lead at halftime.

However, South Carroll responded in the third quarter with a 7-0 run, putting pressure on the Knights. It was Chenoweth who came through in the clutch, ending their scoreless stretch and providing a momentum shift for Century.

The Knights dominated the fourth quarter, with Chenoweth and Conrad leading the charge to secure the victory. Wunder praised their control of the game’s flow and tempo, highlighting their pivotal roles in the team’s success.

Looking ahead, Century sets their sights on a matchup with Hammond, aiming to extend their winning streak across different counties. Wunder emphasized the need for his team to remain focused and continue playing their game to maintain their hot start to the season.

Historically, Century and South Carroll have a longstanding rivalry in Carroll County, making this win even more significant for the Knights as they pursue the county championship.

The victory not only marks their first county win of the season but also signifies the team’s potential for success as they navigate through a challenging schedule. With the momentum from this win, the Knights are poised to continue their competitive edge in future games.

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