‘Bzzz’ Turns Art Forms of Solo Virtuosity Into a Group Affair

“The acclaimed tap dancer Caleb Teicher and the world-champion beatboxer Chris Celiz were brought together by their shared passion for body music and their interest in the commonalities between tap dancing and beatboxing. Both styles have roots in Black American traditions, specifically jazz and hip-hop, and share elements of call and response, competition, and humor.

Their collaboration resulted in the creation of “Bzzz,” a 70-minute work that debuts at the Joyce Theater on Tuesday. The inspiration for the extended version of “Bzzz” came to Teicher in the shower, leading to the addition of beatboxer Gene Shinozaki to the already successful piece.

“Bzzz” is a celebration of expansion by inclusion, emphasizing the attitudes of welcoming and maturation. It showcases the collective power of two beatboxers and six tap dancers, exploring the possibilities of rhythm and sound as they bring their art forms together to create a bright, broad, and joyful performance.

The show is filled with vaudeville touches, comedy sketches, and pop culture references, engaging the audience with call and response sections. The performance aims to astonish and invite, showcasing the camaraderie and community spirit of tap dance and beatboxing.

The historic background of tap dancing and beatboxing as expressions of Black American traditions adds depth and resonance to the collaboration between Teicher and Celiz. Their self-abnegation in the production reflects their passion for sharing the collective experience and spirit of their art forms with audiences.

Overall, “Bzzz” is a testament to the power of collaboration and the joy of coming together through music and rhythm, offering a unique and inclusive performance that celebrates the shared roots and communal spirit of tap dancing and beatboxing.”

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