‘Bring K-9 Igor home’: Separation of officer, police dog hits Shaker Heights department

Cleveland Officer and K-9 Partner Separated as Officer Transfers to Another Department

The city of Shaker Heights is in the midst of a heartbreaking separation as veteran police officer Chad Hagan must part ways with his K-9 partner, Igor, due to Hagan’s upcoming transfer to another department.

Hagan, who has served the department for seven years, had been working with Igor since 2018. His last day with the Shaker Heights Police Department is looming, leading to the difficult decision to part with his loyal partner. Hagan’s attempt to purchase Igor for $10,000 was denied by the city, citing a city ordinance that prevents officers from purchasing K-9 partners upon leaving the department.

The emotional toll of this separation is evident in Hagan and his family, with his wife Danielle expressing their heartbreak over the situation. They emphasize the strong bond between Hagan and Igor, who have been inseparable both at work and at home.

Meanwhile, the city’s stance on the matter is rooted in the responsibility to protect the safety of its citizens. Chief Wayne Hudson offered Hagan the option to stay with the department for two more years to allow Igor to retire, but Hagan ultimately chose to transfer departments for the well-being of his family.

This separation mirrors a similar incident in Bedford Heights, where an officer was also forced to give back his K-9 partner upon transferring to a new department. The community rallied behind the officer, resulting in a reunion with his K-9 partner days later.

The city of Shaker Heights affirms their commitment to upholding the requirements of the law and protecting the investment made in police dogs for the safety of the community. They emphasize the integral role that K-9 officers play in serving and protecting the community.

The emotional toll of this separation has led to an online petition with over 600 signatures, calling for Igor to be returned to Hagan. Despite the outpouring of support, the city remains firm in its decision, citing the significant cost and training involved in acquiring and maintaining police dogs.

This situation sheds light on the emotional bond between K-9 officers and their partners, as well as the complex considerations involved in the care and deployment of police K-9 units.

Historically, the relationship between police officers and their K-9 partners has been documented as one of unwavering loyalty, with many heartwarming stories of partnership and mutual devotion. The emotional impact of such separations is a testament to the strong bond that forms between these dedicated officers and their K-9 companions.

This story serves as a reminder of the unique and invaluable role that police K-9 units play in law enforcement, as well as the emotional consequences that can arise when these partnerships are disrupted.

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