Bitcoin price hits $44,000 as Coinbase CEO speculates BTC could be key to extending Western civilization

Bitcoin price has surged past the $43,000 psychological level, reaching levels last seen in April 2022. The uptick has led to the liquidation of almost $85 million worth of positions, while open interest has risen to a 20-month high at $18.3 billion.

The surge in Bitcoin price comes amid anticipation for the approval of spot BTC exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which is expected to bring billions of dollars of new investment to the market. BlackRock, a major investment management firm, recently received $100,000 in seed funding for its spot BTC ETF, signaling investor confidence in the potential of the product.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s recent remarks about Bitcoin being the key to extending Western civilization have also contributed to the bullish sentiment surrounding BTC. Armstrong suggested that Bitcoin could serve as an alternative to traditional fiat currencies, providing an antidote to inflation.

Analysts have pointed to the scarcity of Bitcoin as a key driver of its price surge, especially in the wake of the upcoming halving event. The stock-to-flow ratio, which measures the annual production of Bitcoin relative to the total supply, has further fueled investor interest in the cryptocurrency.

Despite the surge in price, the market is riding on FOMO (fear of missing out), with capital flowing into Bitcoin in anticipation of future gains. The recent surge in price led to the liquidation of short and long positions, while open interest reached a 20-month high.

Overall, the bullish momentum in Bitcoin price is driven by a combination of factors, including anticipation for spot BTC ETF approvals, scarcity of the cryptocurrency, and the potential for further gains. With Bitcoin trading at $43,894 as of 19:25 GMT, market watchers are eyeing the $50,000 psychological level as the next significant milestone.

It is important to note that Bitcoin has experienced significant fluctuations in price in recent years, including a historic surge to nearly $65,000 in April 2021, followed by a sharp decline later that year. This context provides valuable insight into the current market dynamics and the potential for future price movements.

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