Best Dance Performances of 2023

City Ballet, founded by George Balanchine, is celebrating its 75th anniversary season with a showcase of incredible performances. The opening night featured hundreds of dancers making a collective bow, showcasing the bodies that have paved the way for a new American ballet. The fall season was dominated by Balanchine classics, with “Symphony in C” remaining a highlight. Trajal Harrell, who spends much of his time in Europe, returned to New York with a breathtaking performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Additionally, the Ken Dance from Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” continues to live on, with a mesmerizing all-male number choreographed by Jennifer White. (La)Horde, the French collective known for its experimental dance, made a striking debut in New York City. American Ballet Theater has seen an incredible year of performances, with dancer Jake Roxander stealing the show with his virtuosity and stage presence. Ann Liv Young is also making waves in the ballet world, showcasing her unique talents. The legacy of City Ballet continues to inspire and shape the future of ballet in America.

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