Future Policing: Law Enforcement Agencies Embrace Technological Advancements

Knoxville Police Department Explores Cutting-Edge Policing Technology The Knoxville Police Department recently had the opportunity to experience the future of policing technology firsthand. Axon, a leading company in creating equipment for law enforcement officers, visited the Knoxville Public Safety Building to showcase its latest gadgets, including drones, body cameras, and virtual reality training tools. The…

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“Poole Student’s Presentation Impresses Business Leaders in Exciting Opportunity”

Parker Steele, a student at Poole College, recently had a groundbreaking experience that showcased the real-world opportunities available to students within the program. In a class taught by accounting professor Marianne Bradford, Steele demonstrated a bot developed for the purchase-to-pay process, impressing a group of 130 Business executives at NC State with his presentation. The…

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