Patience with the elderly in-laws is waning – Baltimore Sun

The inquiry in the content is about the personal inquiries to “Ask Amy”. To sum up, both inquiries emphasize significant issues. The first involves a spouse who is experiencing difficulty with their in-laws and the second comes from a woman being pressured by her boyfriend to continue losing weight. Amy offers advice to both of them. The response to the first problem involves finding a competent counselor and cooperation from both spouses. The response to the second issue is more straightforward, advising the woman to liberate herself from her controlling boyfriend.

“Ask Amy” is a syndicated advice column, originally written by Amy Dickinson. The topics of the inquiries can involve various personal issues, and Amy provides insightful responses and guidance to help address the concerns presented. The column was first published in 2003 and is distributed by Tribune Content Agency. Amy Dickinson can be contacted via her email,, or through her Twitter and Facebook pages.

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