“Parents React to a Hotline Call: Ask Amy”

In the past, two adult stepdaughters alerted DCFS about their mother and stepfather’s knowledge of their 17-year-old son’s marijuana use. The family faced potential legal and professional repercussions, but the case was eventually dismissed. The incident led to estrangement between the stepdaughters and the family.

The stepfather, under the pseudonym Dismayed, seeks advice from Amy about reconciling with the estranged stepdaughters. Amy suggests communication and a gradual thaw in the relationship, emphasizing the importance of the stepdaughters understanding the impact of their actions.

In a separate letter, a mother wonders if it’s wrong to read her 15-year-old daughter’s diary. Amy strongly advises against it, stating that curiosity about her daughter’s inner life is not a justification for prying.

Additionally, a former waiter points out the courtesy and privacy taught in server training and advises not to look at tips until the customer has left the building.

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