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Dear Amy: A Friend Indeed is a single adoptive mother in her 40s with two daughters, who is seeking advice on her relationship with her long-time friend, Jeremy. Despite repeatedly expressing that she views Jeremy as a platonic friend, he continues to make not-so-subtle hints that he would like a romantic relationship. She wonders if she is hurting him by maintaining their friendship and why friendship is so underrated in society.

Another reader, Snackin’ Dad, wants to know if it’s appropriate to offer his twin boys small snacks while at the grocery store, to keep them busy while he shops. His wife disagrees with this approach, while their extended family members are divided on the issue.

In addition, a reader shares their experience with their sister’s open relationship, providing insight into how family members might react to non-traditional relationship dynamics.

Amy’s advice covers the importance of friendship and setting boundaries in relationships, understanding the challenges of raising young children, and navigating non-traditional relationship dynamics.

The advice column also reminds readers that maintaining a balance between family and personal needs is essential in social, romantic, and familial relationships.

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As a renowned advice columnist, Amy Dickinson’s insightful and empathetic responses to readers’ questions provide valuable perspectives on relationships, family dynamics, and personal growth. Her weekly column offers thought-provoking guidance and support to readers navigating the complexities of everyday life.

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