She Has the Attention of Dance Companies, and She Is Prepared

Amy Hall Garner is a choreographer who has been making waves in the dance world with her recent success. Born and raised in Huntsville, Ala., Garner began her dance journey early, studying ballet, tap, and jazz. She also trained at the School of American Ballet in New York and attended Juilliard, where she honed her skills in various dance techniques.

Garner’s career has been diverse, including work in Broadway shows and as a Radio City Rockette, as well as assisting choreographers like Darrell Grand Moultrie. Her talent for movement and musicality led her to collaborate with Beyoncé and create pieces for companies such as Ailey II and the Paul Taylor Dance Company.

Her latest work, “Century,” is a tribute to her grandfather’s upcoming 100th birthday. The piece features hard-swinging jazz music, reflecting her grandfather’s musical preferences and his years of service in the choir of Gloryland Baptist Church. Garner’s choreography is inspired by her grandfather’s personal style and the way he danced with her late grandmother.

The pandemic brought Garner’s family together, allowing for deep conversations and meaningful connections across generations. Garner’s desire to create a work of art as a birthday gift for her grandfather reflects her commitment to bringing joy and positivity to her audience.

Garner’s journey from a young ballet student to a renowned choreographer showcases the transformative power of dance and the enduring impact of personal connections. As she debuts “Century” with the Ailey American Dance Theater, she continues to draw inspiration from her family and her rich dance background.

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