The Impact of Jurgen Klopp’s Departure on Liverpool and the Rise of Spurs – The Business of Football

Originally, the plan for this column was to discuss the last five days of football Business-related news, but a message from Liverpool’s “a message to supporters” post by Jurgen Klopp changed that. The message addressed some early commercial thoughts, starting with the observation that Fenway Sports Group (FSG) is not going anywhere anytime soon. There were theories about FSG breaking up and the sale of the club, but not much actually happened. This uncertainty is bad for business as no one wanted to buy the club when it had one of the best managers in the world. Now, there is even more uncertainty with Klopp’s departure. The engagement of the video was high, but branding was missing. This led to the trending topics on social media. Another observation was the lack of progress in the “New Deal for Football” panto, with the Premier League’s clubs unable to agree on distribution of wealth. There was also a minor dispute between multi-club groups over compensation payment for a chief executive.

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