Chicago Cubs are holding off on pursuing a contract until prices drop – NBC Sports Chicago

The MLB free agency market is moving slowly, but the anticipation is high for Cubs fans who are hopeful for the potential re-signing of Cody Bellinger. According to reports, the Cubs are favored to land National League Comeback Player of the Year, Bellinger, but negotiations are hindered by his hefty asking price, believed to be over $200 million.

Bellinger’s agent, Scott Boras, is known for his tough negotiation tactics, which may be slowing down the process. Despite this, there is confidence within the industry that Bellinger and the Cubs will eventually come to an agreement, once the asking price is adjusted.

Several teams have made moves that potentially impact Bellinger’s availability. The New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays have addressed their outfield and first base needs, while the San Francisco Giants have made signings in the outfield and first base positions, possibly reducing the likelihood of Bellinger joining these teams.

From the Cubs’ perspective, Bellinger could be a valuable addition due to his left-handed hitting, power bats, and ability to play both outfield and first base. General Manager Jed Hoyer has expressed interest in bringing Bellinger back to Wrigley Field, emphasizing their positive previous experience with him and their ongoing communication with his representation.

The ongoing negotiations create an air of uncertainty, as Cubs fans await to see if a deal will be reached to bring Bellinger back to the North Side.

Alongside current updates, it’s important to understand the historic significance of Bellinger’s potential return to the Cubs. His previous time with the team and the impact he had on their performance will certainly be part of the considerations as negotiations continue.

As the MLB offseason unfolds, the potential reunion of Cody Bellinger and the Chicago Cubs remains a hot topic for fans and Sports analysts alike.

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