Key Takeaways from HROne Roundtable Discussion on HR Tech Trends for 2024

In the ongoing evolution of human resources, 2024 is poised to be a pivotal year as the HR function shifts toward integrating innovative technologies and a human-centric approach. A recent virtual roundtable, hosted by HROne, brought together HR leaders to discuss the upcoming HR Tech Trends for 2024 and how they plan to pioneer innovation in the HR landscape.

The panel, moderated by Pulkit Joshi, Chief Marketing Officer at HROne, featured Anuj Nath Galgotia, CHRO of Signature Global, Debraj Roy, CHRO of LUX Industries, Smita Venkataraman, founder and chief advisor at Smita Venkataraman Advisory Services, and Ritika Puri, Head HR at ExamFactor. The discussion focused on striking a balance between adopting automation and maintaining a human-centric approach to productivity, the impact of Technology on employee experience, effective change management, and breaking down silos within different functions.

Galgotia emphasized that HR technology should enhance the overall HR function without replacing the human element. He stressed the importance of using technology to provide efficiency and excellent responses to candidates and employees.

Puri believes that if technology is implemented correctly, it can significantly contribute to engagement and satisfaction, aligning with the expectations of newer generations. She highlighted the need for technology to be embraced within the organizational framework to be successful.

Roy emphasized the role of change management in aligning the workplace with the preferences of Gen X and Gen Z, stating that technology aids in data-driven decision-making and individual career aspirations.

Venkataraman discussed the three key aspects of talent acquisition with HR tech: identification, coaching, and rewards for high-potential employees. She highlighted the importance of technology in creating an applied learning environment and facilitating career progression.

As organizations continue to leverage HR tech to make their processes more efficient and employees more engaged, the transformative potential of HR tech in 2024 lies in breaking down silos and fostering a collaborative culture.

Historically, the HR function has evolved from primarily administrative tasks to a more strategic role focused on the well-being and productivity of employees. As technology continues to advance, HR leaders are facing the challenge of balancing automation with a human-centric approach to workplace productivity.

In conclusion, the future of HR tech in 2024 looks promising as organizations strive to integrate innovative technologies while prioritizing the well-being and engagement of their employees. The challenge lies in effectively implementing these technologies to create a positive and engaging employee experience, and ultimately, a more inclusive and agile workplace across industries.

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