Health Inspectors Close Orange County Restaurants (Jan. 18-25) – Orange County Register

Several restaurants and food vendors in Orange County were ordered to close due to various Health violations, with the most common reasons being rodent and cockroach infestations, sewage overflow, and insufficient hot water. However, they were allowed to reopen after addressing the issues.

Among the establishments that faced closures were Board & Brew in San Clemente, Bangkok Thai Cuisine in Foothill Ranch, and Khoi Restaurant in Garden Grove. Additionally, BBQ Chicken in Irvine and Cafe Hermosa in San Clemente were among those that were also impacted.

There were also updates on closures from the previous week, such as Tiptop Sandwiches in Garden Grove and Cantina Del Sur at Casa California in Knotts Berry Farm.

This list, provided by the OC Health Care Agency database, is published weekly and includes closures and status updates. It serves as a resource for residents and visitors to stay informed about the health and safety of local dining establishments in Orange County.

As for the historic background, Orange County has a long-established reputation for its diverse and thriving culinary scene. However, maintaining high standards for food safety and cleanliness is crucial for upholding this reputation. The efforts of health inspectors to address and resolve violations in a timely manner are essential for ensuring the well-being of patrons and the overall integrity of the county’s dining industry. By providing regular updates on closures and reopenings, the OC Health Care Agency is contributing to a safer and more informed dining experience for the community.

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