“Downtown Napa Shines for Annual Art Festival” – The Vacaville Reporter

Projection Artwork by Hotaru Visual Guerrilla on the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Napa was a captivating part of the Napa Lighted Art Festival. The festival, now in its sixth consecutive year, features ten larger-than-life art installations spread throughout downtown, drawing evening strollers with music and light displays. This five-week celebration of light, arts, and Technology showcases works from international artists, bringing residents and visitors together to experience the magic of illuminated art.

According to Public Art Coordinator Meredith Knudsen, the festival has become a cherished tradition in the community. By infusing these global works into the community, both the art and the city are transformed, complementing each other to create something new.

One of the most notable works at the festival features a projection mapping artwork titled “Biotechture” by Hotaru Visual Guerrilla, originally showcased in Australia. Viewers sat and watched as the face of the historic First Presbyterian Church of Napa was cast in magnificent patterns, creating a unique art experience for all who attended.

Mary Reynolds, an attendee, expressed her enjoyment of the event, stating “It’s kind of a combination of all the senses” and noting that the artwork is different every year. The immersive quality of the festival requires more than just an evening to take it all in.

Other festival attendees, such as Roberta and Greg Wright, were mesmerized by the art installations, with the intention of returning with friends to enjoy the exhibits. Their experience highlights the festival as a magical event that draws people from around the world to Napa.

The festival is set to run through February 18th, with projection artwork displayed on three iconic downtown buildings until January 28th. Maps of the free walkable installations are available online, allowing visitors to explore the various artworks throughout the festival.

The Napa Lighted Art Festival continues to be a must-see attraction in downtown Napa, offering a unique and engaging experience for art enthusiasts and community members alike.

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