Alicia Keys’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ to Open on Broadway This Spring

A new Broadway musical inspired by Alicia Keys’s childhood experiences, titled “Hell’s Kitchen,” has garnered attention for its unique storyline and powerful musical arrangements. The story follows a 17-year-old girl growing up in a New York housing development surrounded by artists, and explores her love for piano and her attraction to an adult man, all while navigating her mother’s efforts to keep her safe in a gritty neighborhood.

The musical features new arrangements of Alicia Keys’s biggest hits, including “Fallin’,” “Girl on Fire,” “No One” and “Empire State of Mind,” as well as several new songs written specifically for this show. Notably, Keys herself does not take the stage in this production, but has worked closely with playwright Kristoffer Diaz for over a decade to bring the story to life.

One unique aspect of the production is that it is being produced by AKW Productions, a company owned by Keys that is focused on creating authentic and diverse stories in film, television, theater, and music. This demonstrates Keys’s determination to retain control of her own intellectual property and career arc.

Directed by Michael Greif and choreographed by Camille A. Brown, the downtown cast is led by Maleah Joi Moon as the protagonist, joined by Shoshana Bean as the mother, Brandon Victor Dixon as the absentee father, and Kecia Lewis as the piano teacher.

Initial reviews of the musical have been mixed, with some critics praising the performances and production while others felt that the story could be more developed. However, the musical has generated excitement and anticipation as it prepares for its Broadway debut, with the official cast yet to be announced.

Overall, “Hell’s Kitchen” is a unique and anticipated addition to the Broadway scene, captivating audiences with its blend of personal storytelling and powerful musical performances.

Historically, “Hell’s Kitchen” refers to a neighborhood on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan in New York City. It has a rich history as a working-class district and has been a cultural hub for artists and performers. The musical draws inspiration from this vibrant and diverse community, offering a glimpse into the experiences of those growing up in this iconic neighborhood.

As the musical prepares for its Broadway debut, audiences can look forward to experiencing a compelling and evocative story brought to life through the music and performances of Alicia Keys and the talented cast and crew.

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