Clippers searching for consistency after James Harden trade

Most National Basketball Association teams will hit a milestone this week as they approach the one-quarter mark of the season. This is seen as a time when teams begin to show their true colors and style of play. The Los Angeles Clippers reached the 20-game mark with a 10-10 record, but evaluating their performance so far has been a tricky task.

The Clippers have experienced three distinct versions of their team this young season. There was the version before the trade for James Harden, followed by a disastrous period with Harden, and the latest iteration over the last 10 games, where they have found success after a change to the starting lineup.

Despite lacking consistency, the Clippers have found hope in finishing games and are learning how to win. Their stars, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, have displayed remarkable durability, and alongside Norman Powell, have shown promise on both ends of the court. Despite a rough start, the Clippers are confident they can achieve a top-three playoff seed in the Western Conference.

The Clippers rank 15th in offensive rating and sixth defensively, and their recent improvements on both ends of the court have turned their season around. Although their offense has been centered around isolation plays, they have been working on limiting turnovers and reducing offensive stagnation.

Recent adjustments, including redistributing playing time for Harden and Westbrook, have helped the Clippers secure victories in close games. The team’s win against the Denver Nuggets was a significant step in the right direction, showcasing their potential for the remainder of the season.

Historically, the Clippers have faced challenges throughout the season but have managed to overcome obstacles and emerge as strong contenders. As the season progresses, the Clippers are looking to build on their recent improvements and continue trending in an upward direction.

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