Steph Curry meets teen with special needs who sunk half-court shot at the buzzer

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The heartwarming story of a Peoria teen with disabilities who hit a stunning half-court buzzer-beater has taken another uplifting turn. Last month, Tonatiuh “T” Ramirez, a student at Liberty High School, made headlines after sinking a half-court shot during a unified basketball game involving students both with and without disabilities. The gym erupted in cheers as the crowd rushed the court to celebrate the exciting moment.

But the fairy-tale didn’t end there. On Tuesday night, T had the opportunity to meet his favorite NBA player, Steph Curry, before the Golden State Warriors faced off against the Phoenix Suns.

Curry had seen the viral video of T’s incredible half-court shot and was eager to meet the young basketball star. T was left in tears after learning about the surprise from a faculty member at his school.

At the game, T watched from courtside and even lent a helping hand to Curry during warm-ups. The NBA star gifted T signed jerseys and a pair of shoes, leaving a lasting impact on the young fan.

Steph Curry reflected on the experience, explaining how T’s goals and the inspiration they provide are what basketball is all about. He expressed hope that their interaction had cemented the impact basketball can have on a person’s life.

The heartwarming story of T’s uplifting experience at the game has touched the hearts of many and continues to serve as an inspiration.

This heartwarming article also outlines a historic occasion where a student athlete inspired an NBA star, emphasizing the power and impact of basketball in bringing people together and providing inspiration.

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