Trump Criticizes Judge in Waterford and Defends Business Practices

Former President Donald Trump made a contentious campaign speech at an Oakland County airport hangar, condemning a judge who fined him millions of dollars for financial fraud. He spent more than an hour listing grievances against President Joe Biden and his current administration, blaming them for open borders and crime. Trump also claimed only he could secure the borders, enforce trade deals, and stop a move to force automakers to sell more electric vehicles.

A day before his speech, a NY judge hit Trump with a $450 million fine and barred him from Business in the state for three years. Trump’s supporters agreed with his arguments about these cases even though there is no evidence of the widespread fraud he alleged in the 2020 Election. However, legal questions could hurt him with independent voters.

In his speech, Trump argued the switch to selling electric vehicles will result in the loss of auto jobs. He also claimed China is making cars in Mexico and selling them into the U.S. tax-free, a claim which is not true. He noted the increase in undocumented migrants crossing the southern border, saying the nation had become “stupid” since he left office, following an election he claimed was fraudulent.

Waterford Regional Fire Department Chief Matt Covey allowed nearly 2,000 people into the hangar for the Trump event, and House Rep. Lisa McClain expected Trump to outline how to get the country back on track.

Trump’s speech, which came at a time of warring factions within the state Republican Party, is expected to have implications for the Republican primary set for Feb. 27 and the state GOP convention to award nominating delegates to the candidates two days later.

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