Bills’ GM Brandon Beane addresses Von Miller allegations

Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane addressed the domestic violence allegations against Von Miller, who is accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. According to our sister station in Dallas, WFAA, a warrant was issued for a charge of assaulting a pregnant person, and Miller turned himself in to police last week.

Beane stated that Miller is still with the team and practicing, and that they are waiting for the facts and will follow the league’s recommendations. He emphasized the importance of reporting any player or staff arrest to the league and following the policies in place.

The incident reportedly took place at Miller’s Dallas apartment, where he and his girlfriend got into a fight over travel plans. The altercation escalated to the point where Miller became physically violent, according to the arrest-warrant affidavit.

The charge of assaulting a pregnant woman is a third-degree felony in Texas, with a potential imprisonment of two-to-10 years, following a new law in 2019 that increased penalties for assault when the victim is pregnant.

In response to the allegations, Miller’s girlfriend sent a text to WFAA, stating that the couple is fine and that the situation has been blown out of context.

Historically, the NFL has faced criticism for its handling of domestic violence cases involving its players, with calls for stronger penalties and policies in place to address the issue.

As the situation with Von Miller unfolds, it’s important to allow for due process and refrain from rushing to judgment. The Buffalo Bills and the NFL will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action based on the facts as they emerge.

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