MI mom seeks life-changing surgery for chronic pain condition

16 years after losing her leg in a fall, Stacie Carr is still living with excruciating pain caused by complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a nerve condition that results in constant, severe pain. She considers herself lucky to have found a surgery called osseointegration that has the potential to significantly improve her quality of life.

Osseointegration involves the insertion of a custom-made porous titanium implant into the tibia to alleviate pain. Carr believes that this surgery is her best chance at being able to walk out of her house every day without the added stress of managing her prosthetic leg. After discovering a surgeon in New York who specializes in her specific needs, Carr is now working to raise funds for the expensive procedure.

Despite the physical and emotional toll of her condition, Carr remains determined to be an active and present mother for her children. She hopes to run, bike, and participate in outdoor activities with her family without constantly worrying about her pain. Carr’s story serves as a reminder to everyone that not all illnesses are visible, and she urges others to offer kindness and understanding to those fighting invisible battles.

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