Tampa man was first in Florida to receive this heart procedure

Jack Dikranian was the recipient of a life-saving heart transplant last Thanksgiving, but when his new heart began to fail, Tampa General Hospital doctors turned to innovative technology to save his life.

Jack battled cancer as a child, which left him with a weakened heart and set the stage for a lifetime of health challenges. Last year, on Thanksgiving Day, Jack received the call he had been waiting for – he was being given a chance at a new heart to solve his congestive heart failure.

However, when the new heart began to fail and a second transplant didn’t appear to be an option, Jack became the first person in Florida to benefit from a new heart pump technology, the Impella RP Flex Heart Pump. Dr. Ioana Dumitru, Tampa General Hospital’s Medical Director of the Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) Program, was behind the successful operation.

The Impella RP Flex was implanted, allowing Jack’s heart to rest and recover. In just a few weeks, Jack’s heart function had improved and the Impella was removed. Tampa General Hospital has since used this technology roughly two dozen times, making them a pioneer in cardiovascular medicine.

One year later, Jack is healthier than ever and feels “blessed” to be alive. He is grateful not only for the life-saving technology but also for the unwavering support of his wife, Tiffany.

This remarkable story of survival and medical innovation serves as a reminder of the progress and hope that exists in the field of organ transplantation and cardiovascular medicine. It highlights the importance of continuous advancements in medical technology and the resilience and hope that patients and their families hold onto in the face of life-threatening circumstances.

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