Officials seek assistance in improving mental health services within Multnomjson County

Commissioner Sharon Meieran is seeking state aid to address Multnomah County’s behavioral Health system, stating that it is in desperate need of help. At a request to Gov. Tina Kotek on Jan. 19, Meieran called for state resources to address the complexities of the county’s behavioral health system. She noted that the current system, which has responsibility for mental health and substance use issues, lacks proper state-level coordination as well as functional county governments. Meieran pointed out that counties like Washington, Clackamas, and Lane have effectively managed their behavioral health programs. She also mentioned that Multnomah County’s behavioral health system lacks a clear plan, blaming the absence of leadership on the county’s inability to create a plan and implement it. While Meieran emphasized that county commissioners have little authority in policymaking, she remains hopeful that the state of Oregon can intervene to address Multnomah County’s pressing needs.

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